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Live Proctoring

Validate, Monitor, and Protect

Proctor Key is designed to do all these functions in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the proctored exam. We work with educators to create a secure and exceptional examination experience for them and for their learners whose works will be credited for playing by the rules.

Convenient & User-Friendly

At Proctor Key, we understand the importance of human interaction.

That is why we designed a proctoring service where live human proctors can be seen and can be spoken to by students when they take their exams.

About Us

Proctor Key is a live human-powered online proctoring service

Proctor Key is committed to upholding the integrity of all exams taken by students of all ages by providing live human support that students can see and talk to while they take their exams. Proctor Key also limits the number of students each proctor monitors to ensure that the quality of proctoring per student is not compromised by having too many students.

Our human-powered live proctoring is available 24/7 for students anywhere in the world.


Live Proctoring

With more students studying from home around the world, educators are forced to adapt to the new normal of exam proctoring. ProctorKey’s online proctoring is simple: uphold the integrity of each exam while making the students feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Our proctoring solution allows the participating students to have face-to-face online communication with their proctors. There is no substitute for live human interaction, especially for the younger students.

How Does it Work?

Proctor Key provides the most flexible and easiest proctoring solutions for students. We made sure that we provide everything that best meets your needs from start to finish.

Live Authentication

Proctor Key’s live proctor will first verify that the information on the file matches the ID presented by the students. The photo should match and ID should be up-to-date.

Environment Check

Once identity is verified, the student will then be advised to show the entire room and table area. The room must be well lit, public places (coffee shops, public libraries, and the like) are permitted if no assistance is being offered to the student during the test.

Closing of Other Applications

Students should close other applications and browsers except for the ones used in accessing the Google Meet session and Edgenuity Student Portal.

Unlock Activity/Unlock Exam

Once the above components are met, the proctor will provide the student access to the exam by unlocking it.


As the student starts the test, the proctor must remain in the session (silent) to record and monitor for any unusual activity. Upon exam completion, the session will be logged along with the corresponding flags, issues, and concerns that occur. Recorded sessions will be saved in Google Drive made accessible to the proctor and operations if there’s a need to audit specific recorded files.

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